A Long Kiss Goodbye

Quality of Life Consultant


When a life limiting illness or a chronic illness takes over the life of not only your loved one but also everyone around them, I step in and take the stress out of the situation so you are free to love.

I improve the quality of life for everyone by making simple changes or big changes. I have a vast list of professionals I can call on to also help!


We are here for you

This amazing company has three aspects to it.


First and primary is my consulting services. I will provide a free 15 minute telephone consult to assess what the situation is and let you know if I can help.

I then come to you and do a quality of life assessment. This assessment is $65 and takes about 1.5-2 hours. When I leave you will receive a written plan of action with an estimate and a follow-up date.


Secondly, I love to focus on education! I hold free seminars as well as paid ones several times a month. These are always a huge success so it's best to keep up with them and register early by "Liking" this company's Facebook page @alongkissgoodbye or clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.


The third focus of this company is the gift shop. this website is currently being redone by 365Marketing and the new site will include ecommerce. The products include gift baskets which I make for people to send to hospitals or homes to provide joy and function. After seeing the gift baskets that come into the hospitals, I knew I could do better and provide items that make sense in each situation. I will also post these baskets on the Facebook page until the ecommerce site is up.


I am good at what I do, I know what to do and I am here for you 24 hours a day.


Give me a call today!

Exciting things I am currently offering!!!


MAID assistance, final 3 days vacation with family. This is done in a undisclosed location. The location is amazing and beautiful and peaceful. You will be pampered by your own chef and receive 5 star service. Nursing staff available. Please call me to talk about this promotion.


Another promotion that is coming up is a family trip to Mexico. Details will be updated next week but feel free to call to inquire now.

This trip is to an all inclusive resort that has amazing accommodations for disabled people. The trip will be managed by me and nursing staff are available if needed. I use an amazing, patient advocating nursing service based out of Edmonton.

I guarantee this to be a trip of a lifetime with the people you love most!


More exciting things are brewing in my head and with the people and organizations I work with. Stay tuned!!!



(780) 991-8162