A Long Kiss Goodbye

End Of Life Strategist


Facing the end of life for yourself or your loved one can be isolating and frightening, leaving you feel out of control, not knowing what to do.


We are here for you

A Long Kiss Goodbye strategizes to ensure our client and their family goes through the three phases of death (before death, during death and after death), with as little stress as possible. Our aim is to treat death as a major time in life and ensure our clients are able to spend their time with the people they love, have important healing conversations and connecting.

A Long Kiss Goodbye’s goal is to help palliative clients enjoy their life and celebrate their time. Our goals also include ensuring everyone that matters in a person’s life are included in some way, during the dying phases.


Our company works with clients who are the loved ones of a dying person. We take away the stress of the day to day things that impede the valuable time they have. We contract a vast network of professionals that are exceptional in working with clients during these times, to ensure the best possible death.


Maximizing Love and Healing at The End of Life

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