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We are here for you!

Do you have a terminal illness? Is a chronic illness rendering you house or hospital bound? Or, do you love someone in one of these situations?

Whether you have a couple years or a couple days of life, we want that time to matter. Instead of you feeling like a burden or your family feeling overwhelmed, we step in and take away the technical stresses so you can spend the time making memories.

We improve your quality of life by making small changes, all the way to sending you on a trip of a lifetime with your family.

We know what to do.

We will work with you and your loved ones to assess your quality of life and utilize the exact people you need from a vast group of vetted professionals. You don’t need to feel alone or scared, and neither does your family.


We offer custom vacation packages designed with your health and abilities in mind. Ask about our current promotions!

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Want to get away but your health won’t allow it? Ask us about our current promotions for an amazing all-inclusive package for you and your loved ones, close to home.

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How this works

A Long Kiss Goodbye’s motto is, “It’s never too late to live your life to the fullest”.  My experience has shown me that when someone gets a terminal illness or has been suffering from a chronic illness, they are often sent to bed. They don’t know what they are supposed to do and no one else quite knows what to do with them.

The family and friends rally at first, writing notes at doctor’s appointments, researching traditional medicine for cures, researching alternative medicine, attempting to get to other places that may know more and writing more notes. It is an amazing bonding period and everyone is set on being in the 5% of survivors.

Once things start to settle down and slowly loved ones attempt to return to some sort of normalcy, everyone starts to wonder what’s next? What do we do know?

We know what to do.


Are you preparing for your own death or that of someone you love? Let us guide you though the process while leaving amazing memories. Let us help you celebrate your life while you are here.


Whether the death is expected or not, let us help organize your life so you can live to your absolute fullest! We can help people in palliative care, long term care, at home and wishing to die there, choosing to end their life through the MAID (Medical Assistance in Dying) legislation, or if you need help with an emergent situation, we are here for you.