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At age 27, Karen started her career as a Quality of Life Aide for the Alzheimer’s Society in Lethbridge, Alberta, where she worked full-time on a locked unit which was the home for 20 ladies inflicted with the disease. She improved their lives by involving family and friends, helping the ladies do activities, writing letters with them to mail to their family’s, plus many other things. During that position, she decided she wanted to become an RN and help the lives of seniors.

Karen spent her career with stints in Neonatal Intensive Care, the Edmonton Remand Centre and the Emergency, but the majority of time, she worked in the Intensive Care Unit as a Critical Care nurse. In 2013, Karen suffered from a life-threatening illness which rendered her bedridden for two years.

All of these experiences, from the Alzheimer’s unit to her illness, Karen learned how precious life is. She learned how important our relationships are whether they are great or difficult and how amazing people are in their raw, true form.

Karen left nursing in 2016 to start A Long Kiss Goodbye. This company allows Karen to thrive while helping others who are faced with critical or life limiting illness live their lives to the fullest.

“Two days before my Mum died she sat at the kitchen table with us for supper. In front of her was one meatball, some pasta and a glass of red wine. Mum didn’t eat any of it but she smiled. She was happy to have a few moments of normalcy.”


We pride ourselves in the celebrations we create. We offer weekend get-a-ways, living life celebrations, weddings, or what ever else you can wish for.


If you need help at home, companionship, activities, resources or if you wish to die at home, let us know and we will help you.


We offer a variety of help when you are in a hospital situation.


Call us for assistance with questions about specific cultures and religions. We also arrange home funerals and green burials.


We are happy to bring you a delicious, healthy, comforting meal and set up a dinner for everyone. We will work with the hospital to have a convenient location for everyone to come together.


We are so proud to be able to offer you a vast array of professionals to make your life better.

After all…

We have all been in someone’s life, during our life.

We have fought too much, judged too much, smoked too much, ate too much, cursed too much, exercised too much and worked too much.

Yet through all that we have still managed to love, hug, kiss, cuddle, support, laugh, cry, wish, support, nourish and appreciate each other.

We are family.