For 15 years I worked as a nurse in Edmonton. I worked most of that time in Critical Care, with very sick people. I helped a lot of people live; however, I also saw a great deal die.


I noticed a trend in healthcare where nursing staff simply don't have adequate time to assist families dealing with impending death nor have the expertise in helping patients die in a fulfilling and loving way.


I see a better way.


I am an energetic and creative spirit. My imagination and creativity combine with my intelligent and common sense approach to death. I know how we are currently dying and I will make it better.


I know what to do.


I am here for you.

" Two days before my Mum died she sat at the kitchen table with us for supper. In front of her was one meatball, some pasta and a glass of red wine. Mum didn't eat any of it but she smiled. She was happy to have a few moments of normalcy."

We are here for you.


We can help.


Call now.