We are so lucky not only to be Canadians but furthermore, to be Albertans. We have access to an amazing healthcare system that employs a vast network of professionals. These professionals work all the time, days, evenings, nights, holidays and weekends instead of being with their families. They dedicate their lives to their passion.


Our system as great as it is because of the people who work in it, has shortcomings. One major flaw is time. We never have enough time. Ironic isn't it? The physicians, nurses and respiratory therapists are racing around trying to get to everyone who needs them. You want more time with your loved one and they want more time with your loved one.


Imagine someone who understands the system, understands relevant information and understands what the dying person's needs may be, acting as a symphony conductor.


I will meet with you, your physician and your nurse to understand which direction everyone hopes things will go. I will work with your General Practitioner to ensure continuity of care. I can to insert nursing staff in places if needed.