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Planning To Die At Home

is a gift not many people get. Once the Palliative Care team has seen you and prescribed all they can, you will probably go home in an ambulance. There you will wait for the Home Care nurse to come and “set you up” for the comforts they can offer.

Then you are left on your own, you and your family figuring out what to do next.

“Do I lie in bed? What do I eat? How long will dying take?”

Your family is wondering as well, “Do we sit by her bed? What if she needs to pee? I’m scared I will give her too much pain medication?”

So many questions……

We all thought we would have more help! We will help. Just call.

“Karen and her team were involved with my sister’s care right from the hospital. She talked with us before the family meeting with the doctor and came in to support us while we discussed stopping treatment and bringing Tracy home to die. She worked with the hospital staff and everything was organized when we all got home.”

  • We will speak with your palliative care team at the hospital as well as your nurse and respiratory therapist from Alberta Health Services to ensure you get continuity of care.
  • Working with your own Physician, we will be the conduit to give you or your loved one the most healing, loving and exceptional environment for everyone to be in.
  • We will work in the background to meet your wishes and needs by placing our contracted nurses in your home as much as required.
  • We will do our best to ensure you nor your loved one are suffering and are comfortable.

If your wish is to die at home, we will make every effort towards that goal.

“Death is the last intimate thing we do.”

Laurell K Hamilton
  • We can organize loved ones to be the caregivers, setting up medication sheets, easy scheduling of care, meal prep tips and anything else required. Everything will be easy to follow and will eliminate crisis times.
  • We will organize out of town family by assuring they have accommodations, transportation, maps and anything else they may require. We will create a visitation schedule so no one gets left out, but the palliative client can sustain the visitors.
  • While things are running smoothly at home, we can also help with “living ceremonies, funerals, bucket lists, counseling services and anything our clients would like assistance with.