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A hospital can feel very lonely. The strange sounds, the strange equipment, the strange everything.

Feeling like you are at the mercy of the all the different workings coming in and out of the room.

You don’t know where to sit, what to ask. You simply don’t know what to do.



I will help.

I know what to do.

“We all sat in a room. There were 4 boxes of Kleenex on the table. Must be a very sad place.Two doctors came in and introduced themselves. The one doctor said that they have done all they can for Tim. That’s the last thing I remember.”

Before a Death

  • Getting family to the hospital from anywhere in the world
  • Organizing accommodation and transportation
  • Emergency Personal Supplies
  • Bedside teaching and coaching
  • Setting up family meetings and being the family advocate
  • Patient and family specific information for the healthcare team

During The Death

  • Bedside coaching and teaching
  • Assistance with rituals and traditions
  • Organizing Spiritual/Pastoral Care
  • Guest Organization
  • Vigil assistance
  • Assistance with children at bedside

After The Death

  • Bathing and shrouding
  • Funeral Home Assistance
  • Family debriefing
  • Hand and feet casting for anyone as well as face and bum casting for infants over 30 weeks gestation ** The age of the infant may not guarantee the ability to face cast, other factors will contribute to this service**
  • Memory Making

Photography is available for everyone at anytime