Bathing a person who is dying seems counter-intuitive, however, the benefit for the individual performing this act of kindness is extreme. Touching our loved one, feeling them breath, looking at them, are all so compelling to our psyche that it begins the grieving and healing process.


In times when the person cannot be bathed, or the loved one(s) choose not to, simple gestures such as applying creme to their hands can also work.


Postmortem care has been a ritual of every culture and religion since the beginning of time. How we present our loved one to the afterlife evokes pride and sacrifice.


Touching someone in such intimate ways may be scary. Loved ones do not know what to do and are often afraid of hurting their dying loved one. After the person has died, TV and film have taught us all to be afraid of a body no longer breathing. The experiences are in fact amazing, and life altering and I will be there with you. I will help you heal, give, receive and present.


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