" My daughter had an amazing last day. She was treated to her own Remembrance Day celebration. There was 20 plus family. The cadet corps made her an honorary cadet. It was the best day ever!"


Our cat was even snuck into her hospital room.


With all her IV pumps, all 20 of us went to the hospital shops. Lisa purchased a sweater for her sister for Christmas; a Christmas Lisa wouldn't be around for.


Once she was tired, we all went back to her room where everyone said goodbye to her. With just immediate family there, the nurse stopped her IV's. Lisa passed away moments later.


She passed away calmly and happy, with us at her side."

"Even as a rose is dying, its beauty is not without notice"

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

We will strategize to maximize love and family while leaving positive memories, at the end of someone's life. We will achieve this by reducing stress brought on by the unknown and assuring the highest level of care is given using our many affiliates in a wide range of areas.

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" According to our customs, my Dad needed to be fully clothed when he died. It was great to have someone helping who understood our beliefs."