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Keep Traditions Going

Within religions, customs are still individualized. Some people need to be buried within 24 hours, some around a week, some are mourned for a year, some are actively mourned for until the person is buried or the ashes are spread.

Many wish to keep their traditions going the way they are, deep-rooted in beautiful tradition. Some are seeking new ways and new ideas.

Call us for assistance with questions about specific cultures and religions.

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“The face of the dead man was concealed, of course, our customs not being those of the south, where corpses are carried to the grave in open coffins, that they might – one last time before slipping into the pit – be warmed by the light of the sun”

Jan Neruda, Prague Tales

Are you looking for a green burial?

This is an amazing option when you are considering your earth’s footprint. In this option, there is no embalming nor cremation. Let us help you through this process. We are also working with incredible companies throughout the world to bring you the latest in options. Look in our store to see some great options to consider.